Two guests under the Northern Lights by the Lyngenfjord
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Northern lights packages around Lyngenfjord

Date: 11. Aug 2014

The summer is soon over in Northern Norway- but do not despair! The season for the magic northern lights starts and Visit Lyngenfjord is offering new, fantastic travel packages to experience the lights best in our arctic part of the world.

According to an analysis made by Discovery Channel, the top thing on British people`s bucket list is to see the Northern lights. No wonder- the fantastic light phenomena over the northern part of the world is truly an experience! In Lyngenfjord, you can choose between different package tours for maximum
adventure and unforgettable memories of the light sceneries.

- Our packages have high quality and we have handpicked every accommodation place and activity.  The packages includes transfer, breakfast and dinner, activities suchas dog sledding or snow mobile tours and also Northern lights related courses like photographing, says Georg Sichelschmidt,manager of Visit Lyngenfjord.

There are four different packages with the Northern lights as a theme. Ice fishing, photographing the lights or winter activities in Lyngen region- check out to see which package that suits your travel wishes best!

Press contact:

Georg Sichelschmidt
Reiselivssjef - Director of Tourism
+47 454 65 898

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