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Lyngen Experience Apartments

Lyngen Experience Apartments is situated in Nord-Lenangen, the northernmost part of the Lyngen Peninsula with perfect access to the Lyngen Alps. The building has a large common room, a common sauna and six brand new apartments slepeping 2 - 6 guests.
On the upper floor there are six apartments of different sizes.
3 apartments with 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom - 90 sqm
1 apartment with 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom - 60 sqm
2 apartments with 1 bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom - 40 sqm

All apartments are equipped with sheets, towels, cutlery, TV and Wi-Fi.

Everyone who stays with us can use our common area featuring sauna, extra showers, wardrobe and social room, washing machine and dryers. Our apartment building is suitable for couples, families with children and groups.

Catering: we offer catering for groups. Please contact us to book.
Breakfast: NOK 225
Half Board: NOK 715

We are happy to customize your Lyngen Experience. We supply many experiences themselves and work with skilled providers in the area. Please request an offer and send us your wishes. We are here to help you!

Ski-Boat: We can shuttle you with our boat to your ski destination you cannot reach by car. Contact us for an offer.

Transfer Tromsø: We can pick you up and transport you to Tromsø. Price NOK 1,300 per person (min. NOK 6,000) return.

Nord-Lenangen to Svensby and the ferry Breivikeidet (route to Tromsø) and 62 km to the minicipal administrative centre of Lyngseidet where you will find a supermarket, petrol station, small shops and the tourist information office.
The closest shop is 3 km away (at the new harbour), where you will also find the post and a gas station.
In Lyngseidet (62 km) you can find a bigger grocery store, sports shop, the tourist information office, bars and other services.

Tromsø is 90 km away (incl. ferry 20 min). An express boat service operates between Tromsø and Nord-Lenangen four times per week.

Minimum 2 nights
Address: Sandnesveien 36, 9068 Nord-Lenangen
Phone: 4777 21 08 50