Lek og moro i snøen ved Saga, Nordreisa, Nord Norge
©Ørjan Bertelsen/Nordreisa Kommune

Local Easter activities in Lyngenfjord 🐣

There are a lot of fun things to do when you spend Easter in Lyngenfjord - a great variety of ski slopes and other beautiful hikes are waiting to be explored and enjoyed! 

We have gathered some suggestions and tips for you here.

In Lyngen

🐣 Prepared ski slopes at Lyngseidet, open from 12 pm - 16 pm every day this Easter 

🐣 Vart-o-dilten - do it at anytime, find different posts along the route 

🐣 Go skiing to the Varto Cabin this easter and enjoy traditional, homemade waffles. Open every Sunday and all days this Easter between 11 am - 14 pm 

🐣 Trollhytta (Troll cabin) in Svensbymarka is open all days during Easter and also here you can enjoy waffles 

🐣 Family climbing in Lyngenhallen - Thursday April 14th 

🐣 Youth climbing in Lyngenhallen - Friday April 15th 

In Nordreisa

🐣 Saga cross country ski trails

🐣 Wooden Ski Festival (Treskifestivalen) in Nordreisa on Saturday, Easter Eve 

🐣 Easter Ski Run for both children and adults in Kjelderen in Nordreisa Valley - including Easter café and price for the best costume! Starts at 12 pm 

🐣 Yummy Easter treats and local handicrafts at Bærkokeriet

🐣 Easter bingo at bar Luggeføre  Tuesday April 12th at 8 pm 

🐣 Trolldalsrennet (Easter run) Easter Eve in Oksfjordhamn

🐣 Easter Open Day at Halti Cultural Center with activities for children, exhibition, café and more - Open from 11 am - 14 pm

🐣 Cinema program at Nordreisa Cinema 

In Skjervøy

🐣 Ice fishing competition at Langfjordvannet, Arnøya. Thursday April 13th at 12 pm 

🐣 Arnøyrennet (Easter run) On Easter Eve. Starts at 12 pm 

🐣 Test the new hammock park at Stussnesfjellet 

In Kåfjord

🐣 Sauna and jacuzzi night at Manndalen Sjøbuer

🐣 Snowshoeing hike to dagsturhytta (day trip cabin) at Dalberget

🐣 Prepared cross country tracks in Trollvik, Kåfjord Valley and Manndalen

🐣 Quiz Night at Trygdekontoret Pub & Bar 

Restaurants/Take away

🐣 Restaurant Solvind (Lyngen North) - Spåkenes

🐣 Bios - Storslett

🐣 På Hjørnet - Skjervøy

🐣 Bubbas Bistro - Nord-Lenangen

🐣 Olderelv camping - Skibotn (kiosk and eatery)

🐣 Sarvvis - Skibotn

🐣 Afterski opportunities in Lyngen.

Photos: Ørjan Bertelsen/Nordreisa Kommune, Lyngen Adventure, Mountain Spirit Guides, Active North

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