Elvebåtsafari til Mollisfossen - Reisa Nasjonalpark
Elvebåtsafari til Mollisfossen - Reisa Nasjonalpark
Elvebåtsafari til Mollisfossen - Reisa Nasjonalpark
Elvebåtsafari til Mollisfossen - Reisa Nasjonalpark
Elvebåtsafari til Mollisfossen - Reisa Nasjonalpark

Guided Riverboat safari to Mollisfossen - Storytelling the National Park - Amazing Troms

Join us on a guided riverboat tour up the Reisa river to the mighty Mollisfossen, a waterfall of 269 meters and the highest waterfall in Northern Norway.
The 1-hour riverboat ride takes you through Reisa National Park, which includes a virtually unspoilt natural area. Here you are surrounded by wild nature, steep mountain sides, waterfalls and lush green forest. The Reisa River is one of Norway's best salmon rivers and flows through one of Norway's finest national parks - namely Reisa National Park - on its way to the coast.

Did you know that there are 3000 year old rock carvings right near the Reisaelva? On the mountainside, there are painted ocher-colored line figures that can look like humans and animals. Arrowheads and remains of other tools have also been found here, which testify that people have lived here since time immemorial. If desired, we make a stop here to view this treasure from the past before we continue the trip to Mollisfossen.

This tour is suitable for people of all ages. The trip is not physically demanding and very family friendly. Give the whole family a great experience and a memory for life.
OBS! Must be able to sit on the floor (low chairs in the boat)

Season: 1.06 - 15.10 (season depends on the waterlevel in the river)
Departure: 09:00 and 13:00, please be there at least 15 min before departure
Participants: Minimum 3 persons or minimum booking rate 4 500 NOK
Duration: ca 4 hours
- Life west
- Snacks and hot drink

We start the exciting river boat trip into Reisa National Park in "Dronningstøa" which is located past Saraelv, at the very end of Reisadalen. Here you will also find "Ovi Raishiin - Visitor Point Reisadalen" which is recommended to be visited before or after the river boat trip.

Mollisfossen has its own outdoor area close to the river which is equipped with a fire pit, gapahuk and outdoor toilet. We will stay here for about 1 hour. From here it takes about 3 minutes to walk close to the waterfall to get a spectacular experience. Both the sight, the roar of the waterfall and the splashing of water on your face will give you memories for life. At the campfire we will prepare and serve coffee or tea, and any hot food. You can bring your own food and drink, or you can pre-order both cold and hot food via us.

We strongly recommend that you wear warm and windproof clothing in the river boat, as well as good shoes are recommended. Hats with mosquito nets can also come in handy if it is in the mosquito season. Hats and gloves / mittens are also advisable to bring. Life jackets and rain ponchos are of course included. Before departure, there is also a mandatory security review.

Amazing Troms may cancel a tour/activity if the minimum contestants or minimum booking rate is not fulfilled. In that case you will be given a full refund.
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