Snowshoeing aurora borealis
Snowshoeing in Reisa Valley
Snowshoeing aurora borealis

Aurora Snowshoe hike - Amazing Troms

Join us for an evening trip on snowshoes, away from light pollution and noise, with the goal of experiencing the magical Northern Lights. Few activities are so easy for beginners, but at the same time exciting and adventurous as a snowshoeing trip.
We walk in the dark and snowy forests, through a fantastic landscape on the way to a vantage point especially good for observing the Northern Lights.
We offer two types of our Aurora Snowshoe Hike. One centrally located at Storslett/Sørkjosen. but also, another Aurora snowhoe hike in the Reisa Valley, to the spectacular Ovi Raishin – "The door to Reisa National Park". Read about the different Aurora snowshoe hikes below, and remember to specify which trip you want during booking. We offer winter clothing to our guests.

Aurora Snowshoe Hike – Ovi Raishin in Reisavalley
We offer an Aurora snowshoe hike to see the Northern Lights from the spectacular Ovi Raishin in the Reisa Valley. Ovi Raishin means "the door to Reisa National Park" and is a spectacular hand-built village, but also the visitor center for Reisa National Park and the Reisa Valley. Here you will find interesting information, exhibitions, and a fantastic viewpoint. With no light pollution and dry highland climate, conditions are perfect for seeing the magical Northern Lights. We will use the panoramic cabin "falcon nest" and make a fire in the fireplace for heat. Hot drinks and snacks are served while we search for the light show, we hope to see at the sky.

Aurora Snowshoe hike – Town center Storslett
We offer northern lights snowshoeing hike for those who desire an adventurous evening in the central parts of Nordreisa. We hike through snowy forests on our way to the lookout point, in the Kvaennes nature reserve. Here there is little light pollution and good opportunities to see the dancing magical Northern Lights. We make a bonfire in the storm shelter, while enjoying warm beverages and local snacks.

Season: Mid Dec - Mid April
Departure: 20:00 from Reisastua Lodge or Reisafjord Hotel
Participants: Minimum 3 persons
Duration: ca 3 hours
Difficulty: Easy, suitable for families
- Snowshoes and poles
- Thermal suit
- Gloves and hat
- Winter boots
- Snacks and hot drink
- Headlamp
What to wear/bring:
- Warm clothes, we recommend a baselayer of wool, wool socks, scarf, warm sweater and trousers. Without a good baselayer under the thermal suit you will get cold!

NOTE: To choose the option "Aurora Snowshoe Hike – Ovi Raishin in Reisavalley" please add number of persons, to the right in the booking menu under "Additional offer" in addition to numbers of adults/child under "customers". If you preffer the option "Aurora Snowshoe hike – Town center Storslett" you only need to add number of adults/child under "customers"
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