Dagsturhytta på Dalberget om vinteren med Lyngsalpene i bakgrunnen
©Georg Sichelschmidt
Utsikt over Lyngsalpene fra Dalberghytta
©Georg Sichelschmidt
sitter på dalberget og ser på utsikten
©Georg Sichelschmidt

Dalberget - day tour with great views to Lyngen Alps

This is a great half day hike to the new open cabin Nord - Troms friluftsliv built in fall 2020. Dalberget is a popular hike for locals and tourists, and when you reach the top you get rewarded with a panoramic view of the Lyngen Alps. There is a fireplace in the cabin, and you can watch the sepctacular view of the Lyngen Alps while you enjoy your packed lunch. 

How to get to Dalberget

Dalberget is located in Djupvik in Kåfjord municipality in Northern-Norway. From Lyngseidet, take the ferry to Olderdalen, and drive about 20 kilometres north towards Alta. If you come driving from the north, look for the sign "Kirkegård" in Djupvik along the main road E6. You park at the parkinglot at the end of the road. Be aware that this is the cemetery parking place, please take this into consideration

Djupvik is a 2 hour and 45 minute drive from Tromsø, or 3 hours with ferry Breivikeidet-Svensby and Lyngseidet-Olderdalen.

Tour description Dalberget

Follow the path for approximately 200 meters from Djupvik cemetery. When you arrive at a crossroad - go left and immidiately to the right on a small path. It can be wet and slippery, be careful. After a few altitude meters you will arrive at Storelva, and the path will continue north along the river until you see some sign posts. Follow the path "Storhaugen". The path crosses the river and continues steadily upwards. At the top, a large cairn marks Dalberget 460 mosl.

The Dalberget cabin is ment for day visits only, and it is not possible to spend the night here. If you are looking for accommodation please check suggestions further down on the page.

The hike to Dalberghytta is approximately 3 kilometers return, and will take about 3 hours plus any time for resting and taking in the views, taking photos or lunch. 

Winter hike to Dalberget

It is possible to hike to Dalberget during the winter. Be aware of ice forming where the rivers and streams run, this can be extremely slippery. Snow can be deep and soft or it can be hard blown and slippery too. We recommend wearin spikes on shoes or snowshoes and also taking hiking poles with you. The steep slopes can be hard for those who are not used to winter conditions, so extra care is worth it. 

Continue to Storhaugen/Boazovárri

You can continue to Storhaugen if you want to do a longer trip. Take the path from Dalberget further up the mountainside and continue walking upwards. There is no clear path to Storhaugen, but the terrain is relatively even and easy to walk on.  
Note: The cliffs at the top are extreamly steep on the other side! In wintertime, it is necessary to know avalance safety if you continue further from Dalberget.  

During the winter Storhaugen is a great ski touring location! Check out more about ski touring in Lyngenfjord region here.

Read more about great hiking trips in Northern-Norway here.

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