Ruins of a bunkers from WWII in the mountains
©Marie Kr Angelsen


Many waterfalls and the nice terrain make this a wonderful walk. For those interested in World War II and war history, the area where the post box is placed will be of interest with many remnants of the German activity. More recent military history is also clearly visible in the Norddalen valley.

Historic hike

The path follows the forest road, which is easy to navigate most of the way and there is a gentle incline virtually the whole way. Once you have walked around 6 km you will reach an old wooden bridge, which you should cross. From here you will see two small lakes and a cabin. Turn off by the small cairn just after the bridge and follow along the shores of the lakes on the same side as the cabin. At the end, you will see the remnants of several German barracks along the ridge in front of you. Markers have been set up to guide you in the right direction.

NB: In the late summer the ground is dry, and you can wear lightweight hiking boots, but during the spring thaw it may be wet or covered in snow in several places.