Truge vandring - Explore 70 Degrees
Truge vandring - Explore 70 Degrees
Truge vandring - Explore 70 Degrees
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Snowshoe walk - Explore 70 Degrees

How about a taste of the Arctic wilderness while walking on snow with the cool equipment; snowshoe!

What a feeling to float on top of the snow, instead of sinking down into it. And at the same time be guided outdoor to scenic spots, breathing the clean, fresh and chilly Arctic air.

We will introduce you to the snowshoe equipment so you easily will be nailing the new funny experience in the field.

A short distance walk from city center leads us to the shelter from the urbane sights and we get the smooth feeling of the Arctic winter wonderland. We sense how exotic the nature in the Arctic north really is.

When the sky is clear we might be lucky to witness northern lights dancing in the sky, the eminent Lady Aurora!

If the Norwegian coastal pride Hurtigruten is on time, we’ll get a memorial sight when she makes her way through the entrance of the harbor, honking her horn.

We will be hosting you with local stories and friendly atmosphere in our own authentic way.

Our guide will make sure the activity is accomplish in a high quality and safe way, so you will feel taken care of and safeguarded.

We look forward being your host. 

Included in the price:

- Snowshoes

- Poles

- Warm drinks and cookie

- Local guide


- Dress warm (recommended wool into skin)

- Wear warm shoes

Departure: 18.00 pm

Meeting place: Strandveien 70, please be there 15 min pre


Duration: 2-3 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Minimum age/size: 6 years old

Maximum number of guests: 10

*Explore 70 Degrees reserve the right to cancel the activity due to insufficient number of participants, bad weather condition or other security issues/equipment damage. 

When can I book it?

14 apr 2024
Snowshoe walk - Explore 70 Degrees 14 April 2024
15 apr 2024
Snowshoe walk - Explore 70 Degrees 15 April 2024
16 apr 2024
Snowshoe walk - Explore 70 Degrees 16 April 2024

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