The Little Berry Coockery at 69°N

Bærkokeriet is an exciting store at Storslett that offers local food and things inspired by our nature, culture and sustainability.
At Bærkokeriet you will find atmosphere and history. Nature inspires us, and it gives us the raw materials for our production. Here we have gathered many local suppliers and their quality products in meat, fish, herbs, chocolate, cheese and much more. Here, berries are delivered from local pickers, here you can look into our production and here are all our products: Syrup and juice of berries from 69° N.

Reisa has been producing syrups of cloudberries, billberries, black crowberries and lingonberries since 1999. Syrups are delicious accessories for desserts, cheeses, cured foods and where it suits with a little sweet and wild. Newer varieties of syrup are rhubarb and rowanberries.
In recent years we have also started making juices for drinking, and more raw materials have been added. We make juices from the incredibly healthy black crowberries, fresh rhubarb, sweet organic strawberries from Kjækan Gård in Kvænangen and the very best blueberries from the forests around us. Where we need additional sweeteners, we only use organic raw sugar.

We hope you will come to our store and taste and take a look into our production. Find something nice and tasty to take home with you to enjoy!

If you are interested in picking berries, please check the pages for our berry reception, it is a great way to get out and get to know the area.
Address: Hovedveien 10b, 9151 Storslett