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Aurora Fjord and Seaside Cabins

Our accommodation boasts beautiful fjord and mountain views and are perfect for both summer and winter vacations. Being in the “Aurora Belt” and having dark skies we offer a more than average chance of seeing the Northern Lights in the winter and in the summer we have the magical Midnight Sun where you can hike, relax and enjoy all the arctic has to offer.
We can offer a choice of accommodation to meet the needs of a range of travellers including, couples, families, business guests and groups.
Our Accommodation is of a high standard and all are fully equipped with all you need for a relaxing and memorable stay.
You can choose from -
3 x Large Sea Side Cabins – Sleeping 6
2 x Large Fjord View Cabins – Sleeps 6
2 x Small Loft Apartments – Sleeps 2-3
10 x Panorama Cabins - Sleeps 2-3
Address: Strandveien 11, 9060 Lyngseidet