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Smak Lyngenfjord

Come visit the Lyngenfjord region to taste our local specialities!

In the Lyngenfjord region sami, kvens, and Norwegians live side by side, and the food is naturally influenced by this. Go on excursions like mushroom- and berrypicking, fish salmon in the Reisa reiver, or eat traditional sea sami courses at Senter for Nordlige folk in Manndalen.

If you would like to buy fresh Lyngen shrimps, dried cod, or local siroup og limonade home, we will show you the places you need to visit to get the best råvarene the Lyngenfjord region has to offer.

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Lauksletta overnatting 

Lauksletta overnatting on Arnøya serves good homecooked meals to their guests. They have their own smoker oven to smoke fish in the garden, and serves traditional norwegian courses. They even make their own cakes and chocolate!

Arctic Panorama Lodge

Arctic Panorama Lodge on Uløya serves good homecooked meals in beautiful surroundings.  

Koppangen Brygger 

At the end of the road in Koppangen you will find Koppangen Brygger. Alf and his dog Bella wishes you welcome, and serves food as Lyngen lamb and fresh fish from the Lyngenfjord.

If you want to catch yoour own fish, Alf offers guided fishingtrips in the fjord, and he can even prepare the fish for you for dinner. 

Restaurant Solvind 

Restaurant Solvind is situated northernmost on the Spåkenes peninsula, and has a fantastic view of the fjord and the Lyngen Alps. The menu is adapted to the seasons, and consists of traditional courses with a twist. A mix of the worlds foodculture. Their goal is to use local produce as much as possible.


Bios centrally located at Storslett serves local food of good quality. Bios has won several prices for their great food.


Sarvvis in Skibotn is close to the village Skibotn, the fjord, and has a great view! Sarvvis serves lunch and dinner. You can find the menu here

Sandnes Restaurant 

Sandnes Bistro in Nord-Lenangen serves a combination of local food and fastfood. They have their own foodtruck situated on the Blu lake parking spot during the summer. 


XLyngens panorama restaurant by the fjord, serves traditional norwegian courses, and uses local produce. At XLyngen you can enjoy resh food with traditional Norwegian cuisine, you will have the taste of local tradition which will improve your experience. You can choose from our breakfast buffet with local ingredients and homemade fresh bread, who is always a favorite or dinners freshly made of the best local ingredients. We only do pre-bookings on meals so please book in advance your local food experience.

Senter for nordlige folk

Visit Senter for nordlige folk, and taste sea sami specialities. Their kitches focuses on local food traditions, and serve sea sami courses from north troms. You can order catering, and during the summer their cafe is open every day from 10-15.

Find their summer menu here.

På Hjørnet Kafe

På Hjørnet kafe at Skjervøy serves lunch- and dinner, cakes from their own pastry shop, and real barista coffee.

Recipes from the region presented by Senter for nordlige folk

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