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Vi er her for å hjelpe og har samlet våre mest stilte spørsmål under. Om du ikke finner svar på det du lurer på, kan du kontakte oss på [email protected]


The most common way to travel to the Lyngenfjord region is by air to Tromsø. From Tromsø it is possible to drive or take public transport to the region. Read more about the travel options here.

The ferry schedule for the ferries in the Lyngenfjord region can be found at

Find the timetables for the following ferries:

  • Lyngseidet - Olderdalen
  • Svensby - Breivikeidet
  • Rotsund - Havnnes - Uløybukt (for travelling to the island Uløya)
  • Storstein - Nikkeby - Lauksundskaret (for travelling to the islands Arnøya and Laukøya)


There is also a mobile app, read more here.

Generell informasjon

The most important aspect when taking photos in public is to take photos and videos with respect for other people and nature.

Drone photography within the Reisa National Park and the Lyngen Alps Landscape protected area is not allowed, unless you have permission.

Read more here.

In the Lyngenfjord region there are no places where you can exchange money. Some places accept payment in Euros. However, they may charge a fee, offer a poorer exchange rate or only give change in NOK.

ATM machines can be found in the main villages such as Lyngseidet, Skibotn, Skjervøy and Storslett. Please note that owing to bank fees it may be cheaper to use your credit card instead of exchanging money. Major credit and debit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners, are widely accepted throughout Norway.

The tap water in the Lyngenfjord region is very pure and clean, and is often better than bottled water. Very safe to drink, in other words. Fluoride is not added to Norwegian tap water and only very small amounts occur naturally. It is possible to buy fluoride tablets at most pharmacies. 

Beer can be bought at food stores between 9am and 8pm (6pm).
Other alcohol must be purchased at Vinmonopolet (liquor store)
Find the nearest liquor store here.


  • One must not be on private grounds without the consent of the landowner.
  • The tent must have at least 150 meters distance to buildings.
  • One can camp for two days in the open space without permission from the landowner.

In the Lyngenfjord region you can find several cross country skiing trails, most of them are between 4-10 km. Most trails are prepared on a voluntary basis.

Read more here about where you can find the cross country skiing trails.

There are many great hikes to choose from. Our hiking guide presents 45 different hikes in our region and you can find it here.

On our web page you can find suggestions for family friendly/easy hikes, historic hikes, adventurous hikes and our top 10 hikes.

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