Hundekjøring på hjul
Hundekjøring på hjul
Hundekjøring på hjul

Hundekjøring på hjul - Activenorth

Bli med på hundekjøring på hjul langs stiene i Skibotn! Våre glade Alaska huskier ser frem til å ta deg med på en tur du sent vil glemme. Du kjører en trollvogn med rom til 3 personer, 1 hundekjører og 2 passasjerer.

Our happy and friendly Alaskan Husky pack are happy to give you an experience to remember. The Husky teams will eagerly show you around in the Skibotn valley. Running on old, forgotten roads in the varying landscape, the huskies will give you a chance to see the area in a new way.

When you arrive the camp you will be met by an experienced English speaking guide who will bring you to the dogs. You will get the opportunity to be a “real” dog musher, putting the dogs into harnesses and then in to your team. You will drive a Troll cart with room for 3 persons, one driver and two passengers. You may switch during the trip.

The trip will last for approxemently 2 hours. We will have several brakes on the way, where you may help the guide provide water for the dogs. You will also have time for cuddling and pictures.

When we arrive back to the camp you will get a snack, mountain spring water, coffee or tea.

Whats included:

•   English speaking guide.

•   Snack and a drink of coffee or tea.

•   A guided trip in Skibotn valley.

We recommend that you have warm undergarments on cold days. Wool and fleece is the best. The dog sledding on wheels will be mildly physically challenging.

Minimum 2 pers. Maximum 10 pers.

Starting time and place: 10:45 at Skibotn Husky, Stormyra 1, 9143 Skibotn

When can I book it?

01 jun 2022
Hundekjøring på hjul - Activenorth 01 June 2022
02 jun 2022
Hundekjøring på hjul - Activenorth 02 June 2022
03 jun 2022
Hundekjøring på hjul - Activenorth 03 June 2022

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