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Arctic Panorama Lodge

Arctic Panorama Lodge brings you closer.
Peaceful and charming, Arctic Panorama Lodge offers a relaxing haven far away from the hubbub and hectic pace of everyday life; perfect for a romantic escape, a quiet sojourn or an adventure packed break.
Whether you are planning a quiet sojourn or an adventure packed break, we are committet to making your stay here with us a truly unique, enjoyable and memorable experience.
Dining is part of the experience at Arctic Panorama Lodge. Anticipate mouth-watering menus that are thoughtfully prepared using fresh, locally-sourced seasonal produce of the highest quality.
Ranked as Norway’s third most romantic hotel, Arctic Panorma Lodge offers the perfect romantic getaway nestled between stunning mountains, deep blue fjords and enchanted forests.
Address: Uløybuktveien 302, 9197 Uløybukt