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The best places to go

Some really nice places to visit while in the Lyngenfjord region.  Read more

Skibotn and Lyngenfjord - a mountainbike paradise

Skibotn is probably the best place around the Lyngenfjord to go mountainbiking. Here you will find a wide range of trails to choose from and in August the Downhillfestival...  Read more

Travelguide for the Lyngenfjord region

Download or print your travelguide for the Lyngenfjord region - inform you about Points of Interest, places to eat and drink, accommodation, gas stations, shops and more.  Read more


On the west side of Storfjorden between Oteren and Lyngseidet lies the glacier Steindalsbreen. It is easily reachable by foot.  Read more

Open cabins in Lyngenfjord

If you are out skiing or hiking in Lyngenfjord, there are some open cabins where you can stop for a break. The cabins are primitive furnished and the risk (or chance!) to meet  Read more

Blåvatnet - The blue lake

Blåvannet (The blue lake) is a gorgeous lake with an intense blue colour that stands in stark contrast to the steep mountain in the background.  Read more


The hike out to Lyngstuva is a easy familyhike that offers great views and stony beaches.  Read more

Kåfjorddalen- a hiking paradise

Deep valleys, dramatic canyons and high rising mountains- Kåfjorddalen in Lyngenfjord have everything a hiker ever dreamed of. Marked trails and easy access makes this valley  Read more

The three-country cairn

This is the world’s northernmost three-country cairn, marking the point where Norway, Sweden and Finland meet.  Read more

Accomodation in Lyngenfjord

The accommodation during a holiday in Northern Norway is alpha and omega for a successful stay. In Lyngenfjord, you can find everything from hut to castle, especially adapted  Read more

Fishing in Lyngenfjord-Norway

The Fishing in Norway is famous all over the world and you can create your own special fishing memories around Lyngenfjord.  Read more

Ski touring in Lyngenfjord

The Lyngenalps offers one of the best free-ride opportunities in the world. People all over the world are coming to Lyngenfjord to ski the untouched and snow powdery mountains  Read more