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Ski touring in Lyngenfjord

The Lyngenalps offers one of the best free-ride opportunities in the world. People all over the world are coming to Lyngenfjord to ski the untouched and snow powdery mountains  Read more

Puls Lyngen - Culture & Sportsweekend

The weekend before eastern you need to come to Lyngen to celebrate the first culture and sports weekend for ski touring and many other activities. Be part in the ski touring r  Read more

Accomodation in Lyngenfjord

The accommodation during a holiday in Northern Norway is alpha and omega for a successful stay. In Lyngenfjord, you can find everything from hut to castle, especially adapted  Read more

Dog Sledding in Lyngenfjord-Norway

A Dog sledding tour in the areas around Lyngenfjord will give you a fantastic opportunity to experience nature up close.  Read more

Adventures under the Northern lights

Visit Lyngenfjord offers new, fantastic travel packages to experience the Northern lights best in our arctic part of the world.  Read more

Reindeer Sledding in Lyngenfjord

Reindeer Sledding in Lyngenfjord is a popular activity. Sitting on a sledge behind a reindeer will create a historical feeling in this part of the world where the animals have  Read more

Cross-country skiing in Lyngenfjord-Norway

Cross-country skiing in Lyngenfjord will be a perfect opportunity to experience Norways national sport! You can choose to ski in groomed ski trails or make your own trails thr  Read more

Snowmobile vacations in Lyngenfjord

A snowmobile vacation around Lyngenfjord will give you an insight in the locals daily life, many norwegians are spending time on their snowmobiles during freetime, reaching fa  Read more

Skibotn-a bicycle paradise

Skibotn in Lyngenfjord is a popular bicycle destination. The marked trails, the dry climate and the beautiful nature are some of the reasons why people choose to jump on the b  Read more

Fishing in Lyngenfjord-Norway

The Fishing in Norway is famous all over the world and you can create your own special fishing memories around Lyngenfjord.  Read more