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Whale safari with the possibility of transfer from Lyngen - Best of Lyngen

Are you ready for an experience of a lifetime? Join us on this spectacular and very comfortable fjord cruise where we will search the beautiful Norwegian fjords for one of the largest mammals in the world!
From late October to mid-February many pods of whales visit the fjords outside Nordreisa, Skjervøy and Lyngen to feed on great shoals of herring. These conditions offer the best opportunity to get a close-up view of these majestic sea-dwelling mammals. The most common species of whale we can see is the humpback whale, killer whale (Orca) and even the fin whale sometimes. In addition to the large whales, the smaller porpoise is also known to make an appearance.

Why choose our whale safari?
We perform whale safari in what we believe to be the best way possible! By using a medium sized boat with good space arrangement, we can get very close to the gentle giants, without disturbing their feeding.

All you need to bring onboard is warm and windproof clothing. We have safety wests in all sizes and there will be served hot beverages onboard. You can bring your own food and snacks if you want. We will be travelling with our big and comfortable fjord cruiser “Constance” who carries twelve people. Onboard the boat there is windows for viewing, room temperature cabin with comfortable seating, where you can sit and eat while enjoying the beautiful arctic fjords and nature. Outside and around the boat are viewing decks, which lets you experience the ocean up close. Toilet facilities and fresh water is available onboard the boat. Food order available.


Transport: Available, contact us if needed. Day trip packages from Kåfjord and Lyngen area
Departure: 09:15 in the morning at Oksfjord harbour, expected to return around 13:15
Duration: Approximately 4 hours
Included: Guide, safety west, coffee/tea and snacks
Difficulity level: Easy, family friendly

Traveling with children under 12 years old please contact us for more information.

There is a minimum price (NOK 6,000). This means a minimum of three people must book the tour. If you are a smaller group, you can still book and we will advise you later whether others have booked on the same trip.
If insufficient have booked on the same trip, you have the following options:
- change departure date
- pay additional costs
- cancel the trip

We can’t guarantee that you will see the whale, but we will do our best to find them. You will however get to experience a great boat trip.
Phone: +4777710001