001 Northern lights-Dalberget day cabin - Lyngen alps©Petr Pavlíček-Visit Lyngenfjord
©Petr Pavlíček - Visit Lyngenfjord

Visit Lyngenfjord is looking for a CEO

Visit Lyngenfjord AS is developing, marketing, and selling tourism-based services in Lyngenfjord area. Our area attracts tourists year-around. We have been a key actor in a rapidly increasing market. Visit Lyngenfjord is owned by five municipalities and several companies operating in the area. We are an Eco-Lighthouse certified company with sustainable travel in the core of everything we do. We are curious about the future and want to keep our positive drive going!  

Visit Lyngenfjord has operated since 2013 and we are looking for you, our new CEO, to join and lead a small team of people. You will also be working closely with the companies of different sizes in the area. Products varying from accommodation and husky rides to climbing and cycling.  

We have lot of potential waiting to be developed further and taken into next level. We are keen to increase the visibility and develop services that generate growth. You are someone, who is keen to develop the travel industry in our area. Also, you see the potential for tourism here and can lead the way to the next level. This is a two-year position to cover a leave of the current leader, with prospect to extend for years to come. 


In this position, your responsibilities and duties include: 

  • Daily management of the company and being a supervisor to the team
  • Responsible for budget and follow-up of finances at all levels 
  • Represent company and destination internally and externally 
  • B2B Sales, follow-up tour operators and participation in trade fairs both in Norway and abroad 
  • Product development, production of content together with the member organisations
  • Supervising and managing of the Visit Lyngenfjord projects
  • The position reports to the company board


We hope that you would have: 

  • Professional background in the travel industry 
  • Preferably experience on company and project management 
  • Good understanding on company economics  
  • Experience on how a destination company works, it’s tasks and challenges 
  • Knowledge on sustainable travel 
  • Relevant education  


Personal qualities: 

  • Goal-driven and ambitious 
  • Ability follow up parallel tasks and complete them 
  • Good oral and written skills in English and preferably one of Scandinavian language (Norwegian, Swedish or Danish)
  • Social and outgoing personality who enjoys meeting new people  
  • Flexibility with working hours