Lyngenfjord ferry arriving in Lyngseidet
©Frida Xiang/Magy Media

Ferry timetable - Lyngenfjord

Ferry schedule for the Lyngen- and Ullsfjord ferry.

It is recommended travellers to use the travel app Troms Billett or the travel card Tromskortet, which give a 20% discount. For more information, please visit:

If you have any questions about this ferry route, please visit or call

  • the Lyngen ferry directly on +47 916 81 129
  • the Ullsfjord ferry directly on +47 915 53 643
Ferryschedule valid from 01.01.2021



  • Nordover: Travelling north
  • Sørover: Travelling south
  • Fra: from
  • Ma-To: Monday - Thursday
  • Fr: Friday
  • Lø: Saturday
  • Sø: Sunday
  • Lørdagsruter: Saturday routes
  • Søndagsruter: Sunday routes
  • m/første tur: with first trip
  • m/siste tur: with last trip
Ferry prices 



  • Om bord: On board
  • På forhånd: In advance (tickets bought via Troms Billett or Tromskortet)
  • Personbil: car
  • Bil med tilhenger og last: Car with trailer and cargo
  • Elbil: Electrical Car
  • Andre kjøretøy: Other vehicles