Familietur til Rottenvikfossen i Lyngen
©Petr Pavlicek

Rent an e-bike and go to the worlds northern most whisky distillery - Aurora Spirit Distillery

Take a day trip from Lyngseidet to Aurora Spirit Distillery and stop along the way at Rottenvik picnic area by the old Rottenvik bridge, and hike to the spectacular Rottenvik waterfall.

From the center of Lyngseidet to Aurora Spirit distillery it is 10.6 kilometers one way, and with an electric bike the trip takes approx. 30 minutes. You can cycle round trip the same day, or spend the night in Årøybukt at Aurora Fjord cabins directly below the distillery.

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Aurora Spirit Distillery

Aurora Spirit distillery is the world's northernmost whiskey distillery and is located 69 ° North in Årøybukt. Surrounded by the Lyngen Alps, the Lyngenfjord and views of the Arctic landscape and the northern lights, the location is spectacular! As if nature were not enough, the area the distillery is located on is just as exciting. It is built on a former NATO Cold War base, and the maturation of whiskey takes place in the network of tunnels and bunkers in the area.

The spirit of the distillery is sold under the Bivrost brand. Bivrost, a word that dates back to Norse times, with roots in a 1000-year-old Viking legend of the Northern Lights. The Vikings called the northern lights "bivrost" - directly translated it means "bending bridge". They thought the northern lights were the bridge for the gods between Midgard and Åsgard.

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Rottenvik waterfall

The Rottenvik waterfall is an easy and avaliable hike for the whole family. 

The hike starts at the top of Vartoveien by the large parking space on the other side of the bridge.

The hike up takes a good hour, and there is a steady climb all the way. Once there, you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the waterfall.