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Northern Lights Snowshoe trip - Svartfoss Adventure

Svartfoss Adventure takes you on an Northern lights hunting on snowshoes along the Reisafjord in Northern Norway. The tour takes 3 hours included transport from Sørkjosen.
Our local guides have good knowledge of the places, the local community and the local history. During the tour we will stop and make a bonfire and serve hot drinks and some snacks. We have a rich wildlife and we may see, or see traces of fox, lynx, hares, moose, eagles, grouse.

The tour is suitable for most people and is small to medium demanding.

Pick up at 19.00 in Sørkjosen (Reisafjord Hotel). Back at 22.00.

- Guide
- Snowshoes, poles and headlamp
- hot beverage and snacks
Participants: min 2 adults, max. 12

Transportation starts from Reisafjord Hotel at 19.00. Please let us know, if you need a pick up on any other places in Sørkjosen or Storslett.

We start the activity at 19.30 and finish the activity at 21.30. You will be back at 22.00.