Mor i Vågen - holiday house/rooms in Skjervøy

The house "Mor i Vågen" is centrally located in the middle of the village. Here you can rent rooms and get access to a fully equipped kitchen and a common living room. From the house you have a direct view of the harbour and short way to the centre of Skjervøy
With the view towards the harbour, the house "Mor i Vågen" lies central in Skervøy, with short distances to most services in Skjervøy. The house has 1 single room and 3 double rooms with room for 7 persons in total. It is possible to rent one or more rooms, or the whole house.
You will have access to a common kitchen, living room and WC/shower.

The kitchen is fully equipped with, amongst others, water boiler, dishwasher and a microwave. From the living room you have a great view of the harbour.

There is a busstop in the vicinity of the house, and upon agreement we can arrange transfer for up to 7 persons.

Closest supermarket: Coop Extra - 400 m
Closest airport: Sørkjosen - ca 40 km
Closest busstop: nearby the house
Closest post office - 400 m (Coop Extra)
Closest pier for Hurtigruten - ca 1 km
Closest petrolstation Shell - ca 1 km
Address: Strandveien, 9180 Skjervøy
Phone: +47401 66 505