Lauksletta Overnatting

Lauksletta Overnatting is a small homely hostel, surrounded by wild nature and extreme weather, on the outer coast of the island of Arnøya. This is the place to enjoy authentic and satisfying North Norwegian food.
The kitchen focuses on traditional, home-cooked dishes from northern Norway made from locally-sourced produce from the Lyngenfjord region. Local fishermen deliver fresh fish, the meat comes from the district and they pick the berries, herbs and mushrooms nearby.
The menu consists of meat and fish dishes, soups and salads, and they will gladly prepare meals according to your wishes. You can try classic Norwegian dishes like rømmegrøt (sour cream porridge) or mølje (fresh cod, roe and liver). You can also try Lauksletta’s own smoked fish.
For dessert, we recommend freshly made waffles with sour cream, brown cheese and jam. They also bake their own bread and cakes.

Address: Lauksundveien 570, 9194 Lauksletta