Cross-country ski course in the Lyngen Alps - Lyngen Adventure

Lyngen Adventure will guide you on a cross-country ski beginners' course in the amazing Lyngen Alps.
The groups are small (max. 8 people) and we have plenty of time to give you the best experience.
This might be the perfect start on your Norwegian winter holiday. With our beginner course we will make sure you know all the techniques and skills needed to venture out on your very own little adventure.

There’s a saying that says Norwegians are born with skis on their feet, we might not get you to this level but you will learn how to put on the skis and standing up, to how to fall safely and move more efficiently. And last but not least; going down hill! When the course is complete we will head back to the office for some home made waffles and briefing with the guides, now’s your chance to get some recommendations for your next solo adventure!.

Pick up at 10:45 in Lyngseidet, Strandveien 16
Duration: 3 - 6 hours
Number of participants: 2-8
The guide will take you out on an easy ski trail, learn you all the basic techniques and make sure you feel confident enough to gain a little speed. After this course you should be well equipped enough to join our Nordic ski tour.

- Transport from Lyngseidet
- All equipment necessary (skis, poles, shoes)

Practical information:
We strongly advise that you bring suitable warm clothes and shoes for the outdoors, preferably with woollen clothing as your base layer. Please contact us if you have any questions.
The pick up point for the ski course is in Lyngseidet (Strandveien 16, Lyngen Adventure HQ).

We meet at Lyngen Adventure HQ at 10:45 and try equipment. By 11:00 we are headed out the door and jump in our van for a 5 minute drive towards a nice and easy beginners track. Our track allows for much variation so there should be plenty of fun challenges for everyone. From fun downhills to technique training on the flat. During the day we will have time to sit down outside and enjoy a hot lunch together.
Address: Strandveien 16, Lyngseidet 9060
Phone: +4777210850