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Caravanparken Slettnes

The Caravanpark, a camping ground, is located at the inner parts of the eastside of the Lyngenfjord. Here you can put up your tent by the seaside, rent the sauna or try icebathing in the winter.The Caravanpark offers year round parking/winter parking for caravans.
For summer visitors to the region, the Caravanpark has an area for campers with tents or caravans. The tentarea is down by the fjord and you have a short walk for a morningbath in the sea.

The servicebuilding has a kitchen, toilets, shower and sauna.

Caravanparken can be of assistance for bikerentals, renting a barbecue hut and a sauna evening.

Close by:
Shop/Supermarket: ca 7km (Hatteng)
Petrolstation: ca 7km (Hatteng)
Postoffice: 18 km (Skibotn) eller 28 km (Nordkjosbotn)