Fjordfiske - Amazing Troms
Fjordfiske - Amazing Troms
Fjordfiske - Amazing Troms

Arctic Fjord Fishing with Local fishing guide - Amazing Troms

When you visit Northern Norway, you should give yourself the opportunity to fish in our deep fjords. This is part of our Norwegian heritage and has helped to build our beautiful country. We offer guided tours that include the fishing equipment you need to experience what we have done for generations. Namely, use the resources of the sea to be able to enjoy a fantastic fish meal.
And the excitement it is when you feel that you have fish on the hook - fierce and an adrenaline kick… .. Whether this is your first trip fishing on the fjord or if you have experience, we can tailor a plan just for you. Just get in touch to convey your wishes.

Fjord fishing is very exciting and you never know what is at the end of the line. It can be cod, catfish, saithe or perhaps halibut that can weigh up to 150 kg. Even wild sea salmon with bite on.

The areas we fish in are mainly Reisafjorden or the areas around Skjervøy. Here the deposits are rich and the fish can be very large both due to the Gulf Stream and the high nutrient content in the fresh water that the supplying rivers bring with them. Perfect conditions for fish and fishermen.

Departure: 09:00 from Sørkjosen harbour
Participants: Minimum 4 persons. Are you 1-3 persons please contact us for co-booking with others.
Duration: ca 4 hours
Difficulty: Easy and family friendly
- Life west
- Snacks and hot drink
- Fishing equipment
- It is possible to book a warm meal

Practical info:
We leave the harbor in Sørkjosen at 09.00.
The boat we use for fjord fishing and midnight sun cruises is the fjord cruiser «Constance». On comfortable seats on board you can sit and enjoy the beautiful nature while eating and drinking. It is also possible to sit outdoors to really enjoy both the smell and the experience of fresh sea air and sea. Fresh water and toilet are available on board.

You only need to bring warm and windproof clothing. On board we serve hot drinks and snacks. Dinner / hot food can be pre-ordered.
Phone: +47450 76 821