Hvaler i Reisafjorden, Nord Norge
©Georg Sichelschmidt

The luxury whale watching program

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Combine luxury lodge with exciting and mindful outdoor experiences far away from the crowds deep in the Reisavalley in Northern Norway close to the Reisa national park.
You will stay in the Reisastua lodge, deep in the Reisa valley. The Reisastua lodge offers you comfortable accommodation far away from the crowds. It’s the place to relax, take a deep breath and enjoy silence and the experiences during the day. We will serve you local dishes and in the evening you can use our jacuzzi at the roof terrace with a view towards the northern lights.
Day 1: Pick-up from Sørkjosen/Storslett. Check-in. Welcome dinner. Jazucci
Day 2: Start the day with enjoying our breakfast, before we head out for your whale safari.
A scenic drive to Oksfjord, where we have our boat. We use a closed boat, so that you can have it warm and cozy when it is cold outside. We wil serve warmn drinks and snacks. The whale watching tour takes about 2 – 3 hours. Back at the lodge in the afternoon, we serve you coffee and cake.
Afternoon meeting to watch videos/pictures from the whale watching trip.
Dinner, Jazucci
Day 3: Start the day with enjoying our breakfast and check out, before we head out for your second whale safari.
After this tour, we will bring you back to your chosen departure possibility.

There are several possibilities to travel to Sørkjosen/Storslett:
-    Take the public bus from Tromsø or Alta towards Storslett. We will pick you up at the bus station. There are 2 busses every day, except Saturday/Sunday
-    Take the flight to Sørkjosen with Widerøe from Tromsø. Short sightseeing flight over the Lyngenalps and very convenient.
Please contact us, if you have any questions regarding arrival/departure

Book your stay at Reisastua Lodge here

Book your whale stay at Reisastua Lodge here:

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