Hvaler utenfor Skjervøy, nord om Tromsø, Nord Norge
©Georg Sichelschmidt

Whales and Northern Lights in Skjervøy

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Yes, indeed, it is a highlight for many – watching Orcas and Humpback whales up close makes people travel around the whole world.  And when you've made it so far, all the way up to 70 Degrees North – you will see that there is more to do. Enjoying the pristine arctic nature in a time when the sun doesn’t rise, but still gives that bright and colorful light that will make your stay here so magical.
Skjervøy combines real arctic urban living with the unspoiled wilderness never far away. The fjords and mountains are like the canvas for your experiences with the wild animal encounters and nature spectacles you will paint during your stay. 
This package offers you cozy accommodation in traditional Norwegian cabins with two whale watching trips and an exciting evening program.

The Skjervøy Fiskecamp is situated in the village of Skjervøy, but in a separate bay with a secluded harbor. Here you are close to the village center with all services and at the same time protected from noise and light pollution. You will stay in a cozy cabin, where you can find two sleeping rooms and a living room with a kitchen. A common sauna can be used to relax in the evening. For those who don’t want self-catering, it is possible to order meals on request.

Day 1: 
Arrival – please check the different possibilities for arrivals.
When you choose the offer included meals, we will deliver the breakfast the evening before to the cabin. The dinner will be a pre-booked dinner in a local restaurant in Skjervøy.

Day 2: 

10:00 Whale safari: From the city center of Skjervøy, just a 10 min walk away, you will start your first whale safari. The whale safari last 3-4 hours. 
Back in the afternoon, you can relax and/or visit the village of Skjervøy. We recommend you visit Seppalatunet a handy craft shop where you can learn more about the famous musher Seppala and the Norwegian polar hero Nansen.
(18:00 Dinner: self-catering or pre-booked dinner at På Hjørnet Kafe.)
20:00 Today, we will take you out on a Northern Lights chase by car – depending on the weather we will drive to different locations to increase the chance to watch the Aurora Borealis. Back at midnight.

Day 3: 
10:00 Whale safari: The second chance to see the whales -  3-4 hours.
17:30: In the afternoon, we will take you with us on a short hike to one of the hills close to Skjervøy. Here we have a wilderness camp where we can seek shelter around a wood stove. Overlooking the village and with a great view over the fjord we can follow the arrival from the Hurtigruten to Skjervøy. And hopefully again we have the possibility to see the northern lights. Here we will serve you a reindeer stew – a traditional Sami dish.

Back in the camp, you are welcome to use our sauna to enjoy the last evening in Skjervøy.

Day 4:

Book your stay at Skjervøy Fiskecamp here

Book your stay at Skjervøy Fiskecamp here

Prefered arrival date


Travelling to Skjervøy: 

There are different possibilities to reach Skjervøy with public transport. From Tromsø you can take

  • the daily public bus (4 hours),
  • the express boat “Hurtigbåt” or
  • the Hurtigruten - Coastal Steamer.

The bus and the express boat need to be paid by yourself, the Hurtigruten can be booked through us.

When arriving in Skjervøy you need to walk to Skjervøy Fiskecamp (15 min) or use a taxi.

The schedule for the bus and the express boat can be found at www.tromskortet.no