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Mor og to barn sammen med hunden nyter sola ute på en benk i naturen

Summer in Northern Norway with the family

Play and experience the Lyngenfjord region with your family. Meaningful, educational and a holiday rich with experiences can be found all around in the surrounding nature. 


An eldorado of various nature-based activities for the whole family. Join an action-packed riverboat ride up to the spectacular Mollis waterfalls or on an organized overnight trip specifically designed for children. To make the most of your stay, stay at one of the family-friendly accommodations in the region. A summer visit to the Lyngenfjord region will surely give you an experience you will never forget. See an overview of activities and accommodation a little further down the page.


In Tromsø you will find a number of exciting and educational experiences for children. For example, you can visit the seals at Polaria, learn something new at the Science Center and Tromsø Museum or go to the huskycafe and play with the huskies at Tromsø Wilderness Center. Magical nature experiences are possible not far from the center. Here are many great mountains and hikes that you can explore, hikes of different lengths, the possibility of kayaking and boat trips where you can see local wildlife. A visit to bear cubs in Polar Park, a drive of about 2-3 hours south towards Narvik from Tromsø is not to be missed. Get to know Tromsø better here.


Bring your family to the beautiful adventure islands Senja and Dyrøy for worldclass memorable experiences! Exciting nature that offers the opportunity to learn about rich cultural history in vulnerable fauna. The region also offers fantastic fishing opportunities. Get to know Senja better here.


Experiences like pearls on a string for the whole family in the Narvik region. A short distance from the center of Narvik you will find Narvikfjellet with a climbing park and children's bike trails, a gondola that takes you up the mountain and countless hiking opportunities. Short distance to wonderful nature experiences outside the city such as a visit to the cute bear cubs in Polar Park, hiking on Rallarveien or enjoying a hammock in beautiful Efjord. Get to know Narvik better here.

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Family friendly accommodation in the Lyngenfjord region
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