151cm Tour 88 women

Sidecut top - middle - bottom 120-85-104
Turn radius 13.5 m
Exact weight 1063 g
The Dynafit Tour 88 Women's Ski touring 2020 is the most versatile touring ski within the Dynafit fleet.
The combination of cap construction and side bolster construction reduces the weight while optimizing power transmission.
The ski is an absolute all-rounder and also suitable for classic tourers. Because of its width, it is incredibly manoeuvrable, but still has a stable handling!
An optimal ski for the sporty driver.

When can I book it?

01 feb 2021
151cm Tour 88 women 01 February 2021
02 feb 2021
151cm Tour 88 women 02 February 2021
03 feb 2021
151cm Tour 88 women 03 February 2021

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